To Tanzania, With Charitable Words

To Tanzania, With Charitable Words
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Charitable Words Scholars will sponsor a Village Life Outreach representative’s trip to Tanzania with a University of Cincinnati Journalism School class in a Spring 2013 seminar. The students will document the Cincinnati-based nonprofit’s humanitarian work in Tanzania.

The documentary project, “Telling Stories in Tanzania,” will report on Village Life Outreach’es mission to “provide life, health and education” to those underserved in East Africa. The project is an “intensive semester-long journalism boot-camp, including the basics of reporting, interviewing and writing for multiple media platforms,” Professor Elissa Yancey said. The project will culminate with the creation of an interactive website and video documentary.

“ While this course touches on global studies, its main emphasis will be cross-cultural community engagement,” Yancey said. “Students will learn from immigrants and Non-Government Organization (NGO) professionals as we construct our documentary with the support of Village Life Outreach, which has been working in Tanzania since 2004. Through hands-on training, interviews and cultural research, we will explore the many riches of Tanzanian culture, the impact of the work of Village Life Outreach as well as the efforts of a new NGO being by Tanzanians.

Participants will be traveling to and from Tanzania with those in Humanitarianism: Design Thinking Across Disciplines. While the two courses are separate, some collaborative discussion during travel should be expected, Yancey said.

Charitable Words Scholars matches students interested in the humanitarian sector with small nonprofits in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Tom Callinan, founder of Charitable Words, is formerly Editor of The Cincinnati Enquirer and affiliated with UC as McMicken Professor of Journalism. Maureen Callinan is an elder law attorney and small business owner involved in engaged philanthropy and volunteer work.

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