Arthritis: Not ‘A Little Old Lady’s Disease’

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Details to come, but I am pleased to announce that a Charitable Words Scholar will be assigned to the Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash this fall.  The deal was sealed during an inspirational lunch with that organization’s leadership last week. These caring and committed people are thinking big and I love that. I’m not in a position to share details on their behalf, but from what I know this year’s event will be big, big, big! And it will be a fun, fun, fun night for a great cause.

Maureen and I have long been supporters of arthritis research. We know many family and friends afflicted with this painful disease. And, as Baby Boomers in our 60’s (OK that’s just me she is much younger) we assume it will affect more we know, and perhaps one of us, given time.

But, as the video illustrates, arthritis is not a “little old lady disease,” as good friend Pete Scalia says.

Everyone knows someone with arthritis. One in five Americans suffers from arthritis. It affects us, our friends, co-workers, and loved ones. Research is the key to finding a cure and helping the estimated 50 million Americans, including 300,000 children, with arthritis.

scaliasWe were privileged to be at the Bone Bash last year when Pete and the Scalia family (Vickie, Amy, Missy, Tony and Pete) were honored by the Arthritis Foundation for their work. (Pay no attention to their attire it was near Halloween).

They were all smiles on stage, and looking fantastic, having fun.  But all attending were touched by the moment and recognized the important work to be done. To the Scalias, it’s personal. La famiglia.

Pete, as you likely know, is the Editor of Cincinnati Profile, a popular television personality with Fox 28 Good Day Columbus, voice actor and musician. Those are his easy jobs. He also keeps up with his wife Amy Scalia, founder and force behind Cincy Chic, now opening a branch in Columbus. He’s an all-around Renaissance guy who loves his time on his family’s farm with his pet Vizsla, Dino, fine fashion, classic and exotic automobiles, and a good cigar.

The guy is total energy – up each morning at 3 a..m. but often there at night for friends and family 100 miles away at Cincinnati Profile and Cincy Chic events in Cincinnati. And he smiles and laughs a lot, never suggesting the pain he often is in with rheumatoid arthritis.

Pete, his father Tony and their band Snidely Whiplash will be playing at the Bone Bash. As I said, details to come. Stay tuned. But just wanted Pete, our Scalia family friends and all those who deal with the pain of arthritis, that Charitable Words is proud to be a partner in helping find a cure for this disease. Maybe we will not be able to accomplish that in one night in Cincinnati.

But we are going to have a rockin’ time trying.

All the best.

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