Charitable Words, Against The Grain Scholars collaborate on ‘Photo Voice’

Charitable Words, Against The Grain Scholars collaborate on 'Photo Voice'
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Students involved in “Photo Voice,” left to right: Aaron Ney (8th Grader at Madeira Middle School), Quy’lier Roland (7th Grader at St. Francis Seraph School), Matt Megois (8th Grader at Madeira Middle School), Mark Goodly (Sophomore at Taft High School), Charlie Schmitz (8th Grader at Madeira Middle School), Kiara Carson (Freshman at Seton High School) – Photo by Charitable Words Scholar Brandon Hudson.

Charitable Words and Against The Grain Scholars are collaborating on “Photo Voice.” a photography storytelling project that will connect students from diverse communities and backgrounds to explore their experiences and environments – and common interests and understanding.

Students from schools in Over-The-Rhine, Price Hill and The West End will partner with Madeira Junior High School students for the six-week project. Their first meeting last Friday was hosted at The Cincinnati Enquirer by Director of Visuals Michael McCarter, a Charitable Words volunteer advisor.

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Cincinnati Enquirer Director of Visuals Michael McCarter hosted the “Photo Voice” kick-off meeting, including guidance from professional photographers and a tour of the newsroom’s photo department.

Against The Grain Scholars founder and executive director Michael Farrell Jr. said “We are intentionally bringing together two different groups of students in Cincinnati whose paths were unlikely to cross. It’s our hope that they will come together to appreciate each other’s differences and unearth the ever-present commonalities that are shared by all.

“By providing mentoring and academic support during the week, and transportation for volunteer and community service outings on weekends, ATGS has been able to show these exceptional scholars the difference they can make in the lives of others,” Farrell Jr. said.

Charitable Wprds Scholar Brandon Hudson, a graduate of The Cincinnati Art Institute, will document "Photo Voice" and provide guidance to the student photographers.

Charitable Wprds Scholar Brandon Hudson will document “Photo Voice” and provide guidance to the student photographers.

Charitable Words will provide funding for the project and support and guidance by photography students from local college programs and its network of volunteer professional advisors. Charitable Words Scholar Brandon Hudson, a graduate of The Art Institute of Ohio – Cincinnati will document the project and provide guidance to the young photographers.

Against The Grain Scholars founder and executive director Michael Farrell Jr.  said he hopes the project will lead to an event showcasing “Photo Voice” images and hopes sponsors will be found for future phases of the collaboration.



About Against The Grain Scholars

Against The Grain Scholars is a nonprofit dedicated to building on the foundations already established the lives of the students engaged, while introducing them to community networks and showing them the impact they can have in the lives of others.

Farrell Jr. an elementary school teacher, founded the project in 2012, with the view that “Against The Grain Scholars are kids who came from the same circumstances as the rest of the kids in the classes I see, but they are the students who stand out, doing everything you ask them to do. They do their homework, study, participate in class and are respectful to the teachers and their classmates.”

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About Charitable Words:

Charitable Words Scholars connects nonprofits with students and recent graduates, volunteer advisors and pro bono resources to help nonprofits “shape and share their stories to the right audiences on the right platforms.”

Since 2012, more than 60 students and recent graduates have been assigned to more than 30 nonprofits in internships and special assignments.

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