Charitable Words Video: Music Opens Minds, Memories of Alzheimer’s Patients

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For the past three summers Charitable Words Scholars have worked with Melodic Connections, a Cincinnati nonprofit that provides music therapy to special needs students.

A video produced by Charitable Words videographer Rachel Kellerman will help two Greater Cincinnati nonprofits build awareness and support for a new program providing music therapy for Alzheimer’s patients.

The 7-minute video documents the collaboration of Melodic Connections and The Cheering for Charity Foundation, which raises funds and awareness to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s in Greater Cincinnati.

The video was shown last week at Melodic Connection’s annual fundraiser and previously at a Cheering for Charity event.

Melodic Connections has raised $10,000 in direct response to the video, said  Executive Director Betsey Zenk Nuseibeth.

“We will now begin to use the video in joint marketing efforts, both to recruit new choir members as we build the program, and as we work to find new/additional placements for the program around the city,” Betsey said. “So those numbers will continue to build as we use the video to build the program.

“With the awesome work from Rachel Martin through Charitable Words we were able to tell an amazing story beautifully.  This story can now be shared with so many across the city, enabling us to continue our mission of community music therapy:  creating positive change in not just the individual but also the system through music.”

Melodic Connections web site.

Since 2012, Charitable Words has connected more than 70 Charitable Words Scholars and more than 30 nonprofits. The outcomes of this collective action has been of exponential value in student learnings and nonprofit benefits, as is evident in many of the blog posts – increased funding, volunteers, awareness, for sure.

Thank you for supporting Charitable Words Scholars and its nonprofit partners. Your engagement in this collective action exponentially leverages the impact of your giving to causes you care about.




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