Giving engagement and putting words into collective action

Much of America’s character is framed in charitable words – acts, works, deeds, giving.

Charitable Words redefines those words in terms of engagement. We are unique 501c3 nonprofit organization – not a consulting business, but catalysts for collective impact – a network of friends and supporters who believe in the importance and power of engaged giving.

Nonprofits – the fastest growing in our economy – are being called to lead positive social impact, but often without resources and staffing needed do get important jobs done. We connect them with Charitable Scholars, students from many fields of study who share a passion for purpose.

‘Learning and Lending a Hand’ internships and special assignments assist the students with education expenses and help nonprofits get those jobs done. Student experiences – and returns on investments of your charitable giving – are enriched and leveraged by a network of volunteer professional advisors and pro bono resources.

“Engaged giving,” “pro bono” and “purpose” are just a few of the terms we use here often in redefining philanthropy.

Our favorites: “collective action and impact.”

That’s what Charitable Scholars/Learning and Lending a Hand is all about.

And the good stories that come of their work are what we write about here.

But, by definition, the students can’t accomplish collective impact alone. They need your support to make it all happen.

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Charitable Words
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About Us

Charitable Words

Maureen and Tom Callinan

Charitable Words founder and editor Tom Callinan is a retired journalist with 35 years experience. He served on boards of Associated Press Editors, Society of Professional Journalists and as a judge for The Pulitzer Prizes. He holds an M.S. in managing new media from the Rochester Institute of Technology and continues to explore social innovation as a board member of Social Venture Partners International and The Charity Defense Council. A Vietnam veteran, the G.I. bill enabled him to enroll in college as a first-generation student. He has a passion for helping student veterans of all ages and connecting them with work serving veterans of all eras.

Maureen Callinan is an attorney licensed in Ohio, New York and Florida, with 25 years experience of elder law practice. She holds a J.D. degree from Thomas Cooley Law School in Lansing, MI and has held leadership positions with The National Association of Elder Law Attorneys and Pro Seniors as an advocate for the health and wellness of an aging population. Maureen is involved in the Charitable Scholars network of advisors and is a tutor with Wordplay Cincinnati and volunteer with several local nonprofits and arts organizations.