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Literacy Network: A Good Story, Told Well
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In previous posts, Charitable Words discussed the importance of having a strong story to convey the importance of your cause and the effectiveness of your efforts. In the words of nonprofit communications expert Lori Jacobwith: “No numbers without stories, no stories without numbers.” Donors and supporters look for measurable “outcomes” — the scale of the […]

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What do The Spice Girls have in common with Microsoft Powerpoint? Both came of age in the 1990’s. They attracted loyal fans. But even the best of fans in an audience can shut down on your song or your story, given too much of anything. Teen angst is a fickle message. Powerpoints are equally a fragile means of messaging. Think of […]

Giving Thanks To Donors and Friends
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Happy Thanksgiving. And thank you for checking in with Charitable Words. Thanks for being here today, and always. We’re in the business of helping nonprofits, causes and communities  “shape concise, convincing messages and get them to the right audiences.” There are two words in one of the most important messages you will send to supporters, donors and […]

Crowdfunding: Truffle Tots For Charity
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Cincinnati Nomerati had me at truffle tots. Great people, a good cause. Great food and a good time. Food blogger Laura Arnold and her husband David are the forces behind The Golden Lawnchair, a “pop-up restaurant” event November 18 to benefit the Freestore Foodbank.  Chef/owner Josh Campbell will close Mayberry’s on Main Street to regular traffic that night to […]

Your Story Matters:   Work To Tell It Well
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In a previous post, Charitable Words explored fast pitches, three-minute opportunities to get your message across to a panel of judges for monetary prizes — and an audience of potential supporters and funders even if your organization does not emerge a winner or finalist. Charitable Words introduced you to Lori Jacobwith, a Minneapolis-based fundraising coach […]