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A Guatemalan Success Story, Thanks To A Cincinnati Nonprofit's Help In Schools
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Katy Volpenhein, a University of Cincinnati junior, is a Charitable Words Scholar on assignment covering media and publicity for the Cooperative for Education’s ‘Fall Fiesta’ event Oct. 12 at Paul Brown Stadium.  Cooperative for Education (CoEd) is a nonprofit organization based in Cincinnati and Guatemala City, which provides educational resources and opportunities to indigenous Mayan schoolchildren […]

Charitable Scholar Student, Iraq Veteran Helps A WWII Veteran Stay In Her Home
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Charitable Words Scholar and Marine Veteran of Iraq Tyler Bell’ produced a video about 98-year-old World War II combat nurse Anna Fields during his internship with People Working Cooperatively. The video raised awareness for its “Ramp It Up For Veterans” which went on to raise $290,000 by Veterans Day. The nonprofit’s work helped Anna remain […]

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Now that Charitable Words has its IRS 501(c)(3) status as a nonprofit, we’re preparing to ask for funding to do more Charitable Words Scholars assignments in the 2013-14 school year. That has involved finding guidance by pouring over pages of grant proposals by others – some good, some…let’s just say not “best practices” material.  Most […]

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In the past few months, I have been working with Charitable Words Scholar Brandie Potzick on a video documentary she produced about her spring break trip to Nicaragua. Brandie, along with Charitable Words Scholars Kaytlyn Exeler and Kelsey Kennedy, traveled to Central America with Serve Beyond Cincinnati, a University of Cincinnati student group that “strives […]

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Charitable Words welcomes this guest post from Sara Celi, an anchor and reporter at Oklahoma City’s KFOR. The Cincinnati native was a reporter for WXIX Fox 19 from 2007-2011. and tells of encountering help from home as she was in the midst of covering the aftermath of the tornado that devastated much of Moore, OK, on May 22. By […]

Outcomes: What Matters Gets Measured
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Outcomes. There I said it. I used a term new to me in the nonprofit world. Add that to my new vernacular of “capacity building, collective impact, social enterprise, crowdfunding” and a whole bunch of other words and phrases that in my editor days I might have struck from stories as jargonistic “weasel words.” A lot […]

Literacy Network: A Good Story, Told Well
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In previous posts, Charitable Words discussed the importance of having a strong story to convey the importance of your cause and the effectiveness of your efforts. In the words of nonprofit communications expert Lori Jacobwith: “No numbers without stories, no stories without numbers.” Donors and supporters look for measurable “outcomes” — the scale of the […]

He Photographed The World, Gives Back
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One of the blessings of my 35-year career as a journalist and media manager was recruiting, hiring, promoting and mentoring some very special people. There are hundreds of stories that bring smiles as I look back. Stories about demanding editors who mentored me, visionary peers adjusting to a changing media world, young reporters and photographers […]

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What do The Spice Girls have in common with Microsoft Powerpoint? Both came of age in the 1990’s. They attracted loyal fans. But even the best of fans in an audience can shut down on your song or your story, given too much of anything. Teen angst is a fickle message. Powerpoints are equally a fragile means of messaging. Think of […]

Your Story Matters:   Work To Tell It Well
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In a previous post, Charitable Words explored fast pitches, three-minute opportunities to get your message across to a panel of judges for monetary prizes — and an audience of potential supporters and funders even if your organization does not emerge a winner or finalist. Charitable Words introduced you to Lori Jacobwith, a Minneapolis-based fundraising coach […]