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headshotCharitable Words welcomes Brittany York as project manager as we prepare to build on “Learning and “Lending a Hand” programs in 2014. More to come soon, but look for expanded Charitable Words Scholars internships with more nonprofit and college partners and increased engagement by a growing network of volunteer advisors. And, of course, many more “Good Stories, Told Well” about the impact and importance of engaged giving and collective action in the nonprofit sector. Here’s a bit about Brittany, in her own words:

By Brittany York

Charitable Words

When I saw that Charitable Words was in need of a project manager, I jumped at the opportunity.

It’s not often that you find something and just know it’s the perfect fit. Or at least it’s not often that you find something that is the perfect fit, and someone else recognizes it as well. (Thanks, Tom.)

“Good Stories, Told Well.” As the For Good news editor for Soapbox Cincinnati, I can relate to Charitable Words’ tagline. I feature four nonprofits a week, telling stories in hopes of increasing awareness and funding for organizations’ respective causes.

And as a graduate of the Professional Writing and Editing program at the University of Cincinnati, where I now teach as an adjunct composition instructor, I’ve had ample practice with, well—writing, of course—but also with project management for endeavors involving nonprofit website redesigns, fundraising campaigns and social media plans.

According to data from the National Center For Charitable Statistics, nonprofits have solidified their place in the U.S. economy with one in existence for every 175 Americans. And despite the recession, nonprofits have continued to grow in number, and at a considerably quicker rate than that of the government or business sector.

Jobs for students are out there, with many in the nonprofit arena, so if I can help young, passionate individuals gain on-the-job experience while engaging with organizations they care about, and we can help tell those organizations’ stories, then my job is done.

But more importantly, my job has meaning. In the one year that I’ve been with Soapbox, I’ve featured more than 160 local nonprofits, and it seems I’ve only scratched the surface. That’s amazing to me. I was hesitant when I first began my work, because I didn’t know how I’d ever find four nonprofits a week to feature. But I was certainly mistaken.

It’s encouraging that there are so many nonprofits out there, but I also realize that like myself, there are many other individuals who must not know they exist. These organizations don’t get to share their stories nearly enough, but there are so many lives being touched on a daily basis. And people need to know about it.

I’m delighted to build upon my experience, and I’m so excited to work with Charitable Words Scholars to help them gain knowledge, purpose and passion within the nonprofit sector. 

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