Charitable Words Scholars Work With ‘Kids For Kids’ On Web Site, Content

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A team of Charitable Words Scholars from Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky colleges has been assigned to a major branding and awareness campaign with Kicks For Kids, a Covington-based nonprofit that provides fun and enrichment for children at risk.

The students and recent graduates will work with Executive Director Christine Sebastian and Charitable Words’ network of pro bono professional advisors to redesign Kicks For Kids’ web site, create rich media content and marketing materials and communications strategies.

K4KKicks for Kids was founded by former Bengals kicker Doug Pelfrey in 1995 and has directed over $2 million into positively impacting the lives of over 50,000 youth in our community who are challenged either mentally, physically, or by the environment they live in, Christine said.

Pelfrey is joined by another former kicker, Jim Breech and current kicker Kevin Huber in a goal “to assist youth in our community who are challenged either mentally, physically, or by the environment the  live in, Christine said.

“Kicks For Kids’ mission is to level the playing field for local children at risk.”

“Our goal for the past few years has been to provide more opportunities throughout the year for the kids with which we work, Christine said. “Through programs like The Great Outdoor Adventure, Christmas Celebration, Sports Camps, art programs, cultural and sporting events, and health/nutrition programs, we are making great strides towards superseding our mission.”

But its web site’s current design is 15 years old, she said.  And Kicks For Kids wants to streamline its message – communicate its accomplishments, impacts and needs.

“To be successful, Kicks For Kids needs to raise funds; this is done mainly through events. As a grassroots organization, we rely heavily on sponsorships and donations from the local community. We also need to find funding from other sources, such as grants. In order to fulfill our mission we need to increase awareness about what we are doing and how we are impacting local youth.”

The Charitable Words Scholars team:

Tyler Mechlem, a 2014 graduate of Cincinnati State Technical College, will lead the team.  Tyler has previously worked on Charitable Words projects with Personal Guardianship Services and Social Venture Partners Cincinnati.

Kat Collinsworth is a student at Cincinnati State, majoring in graphic design. She has worked along a design team to create a campaign for TedX Cincinnati’s Sound Ideas event.
Jordan Klosterman, a graduate of Cincinnati State, is a photographer and designer with experience in technical writing and design.

Charitable Words project manager and writer Brittany York will work with Christine on refining Kicks For Kids’ mission statement, communications strategies and grant writing.  Brittany,.

To secure funding for the project, a team from Northern Kentucky University’s philanthropy studies program will work with Julie Olberding, director of NKU’s Master of Public Administration program, and a Charitable Words advisor.

Northern Kentucky University is one of the nation’s leaders when it comes to incorporating student philanthropy into the classroom.

Earlier this year, Soapbox Cincinnati reported that 146 students involved in the Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project were able to assist area nonprofits in receiving $83,500 worth of funds. “NKU has one of the oldest philanthropy programs in the country, so we’re seen as leaders in the field, and people have looked to us for advice and guidance in starting their own programs,” Julie said.

 About Charitable Words Scholars

Since Charitable Words was established in 2012, more than 50 students and 30 nonprofit partners and educational institutions have been involved in internships, special projects and scholarships.

Charitable Words founder Tom Callinan is a retired media executive with 35 years experience, most recently as Editor and Vice President of Enquirer Media in Cincinnati. In retirement, he has been involved in social impact innovation as a board member of Social Venture Partners International and The Charity Defense Council.

“Charitable Words is a unique 501(c)(3) social enterprise, partnering – not competing- with other nonprofits in collaborative projects, Callinan said. “It is based on a model of engaged philanthropy in which the impact of giving is exponentially leveraged through collective action.”

The Charitable Network of Advisors includes more than 50 professionals in a variety of fields of expertise  – and connections to hundreds more and pro bono resources. The provide volunteer guidance and connections to enrich student experiences and outcomes.

“This project is fantastic opportunity for Charitable Words Scholars to make a true difference – and learn from Christine, Julie and other advisors who may get involved as the project takes shape, Callinan said

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