Bravo To Videographers And Nonprofit Partners For ‘Good Stories, Told Well’

Bravo To Videographers And Nonprofit Partners For 'Good Stories, Told Well'
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As Charitable Words enters its third year, we are not about to change our name.

In 2012, our mission was to connect nonprofits and student interns and volunteer advisors to craft “Good Stories, Told Well.”

The aim was to help nonprofits — often understaffed and short on marketing and communications resources — get their messages to the right audiences on the right platforms.  And, provide income to a generation of students and recent graduates facing a college debt bubble and in need of experience and guidance.

We still do that – helping with mission statements and media awareness campaigns. But often, the nonprofits need and ask for help in the digital realm. Charitable Words Scholars increasingly are offering their skills in the areas of web site design and development, social media and crowdfunding campaigns.

And they are in the moving-picture business.

Not big productions. But clear and concise stories of three to six minutes that nonprofit partners use to tell their stories. Scholars have had their work shown on the big screen at Fountain Square, showcased at fundraising events and prominently on the nonprofits’ web sites. Stories have ranged from reports about work being done for the poor, aging and disabled among us, to programs for veterans with PTSD in California to documentaries of global humanitarism in Nicaragua and East Africa.

Bravo to the videographers listed here, followed by a sampling of their work. Also pictured below, advisors Elissa Yancey of The University of Cincinnati and Sara Drabik of NKU.  And a sincere thanks to a very special Charitable Words advisor, Michael Keating, formerly of The Cincinnati Enquirer, an experienced photojouralist and regional Emmy award-winning videographer. He has generously contributed hours of his time and the treasure of his knowledge and experience to several projects. Last but not least, thank you to Tom Bishop of NPOforge, an experienced videographer and producer, for his work as development director to help find sponsors – “producers of community impact” – for the important work the students do.

It should be noted that effective video productions start first with a good story. And we want to thank our nonprofit partners as well as the videographers. They provided story boards, visuals, time for interviews – and most importantly, connections to the names and faces behind the numbers served by their programs.

Please support our nonprofit partners with your donations and volunteer support.

And thank you for your support of Charitable Words Scholars.


Charitable Words videographers:

 Nonprofit partners and their stories:

Personal Guardianship Services:  Care and guidance to those who may have no where else to turn for life decisions. Videographer: Rachel Kellerman, Northern Kentucky University.

Literacy Network: Championing the development of literacy in the individual, the family, the workplace, the school and the community. Videographer: Sarah Kramer, Ohio University

Social Venture Partners: Helping individuals realize greater impact with their giving. Videographer: Neal Patrick, University of Cincinnati

Wordplay Cincy: Trailer for “Louder Than A Bomb” poetry festival documentary. Videographer team: Holland Rains, Taylor Harris, Erin Mullins, Northern Kentucky University.

Serve Beyond Cincinnati: Working for clean water in Nicaragua. Videographer: Brandi Potzik, University of Cincinnati

People Working Cooperatively: “Ramp it Up for Veterans” Videographer: Tyler Bell, University of Cincinnati

Melodic Connections: Music therapy for special needs students. Videographer: Rachel Kellerman, Northern Kentucky University.

Melodic Connections: Thank you video for Hatton Foundation. Videographer: Tia Garcia, University of Cincinnati

People Working Cooperatively: Helping those in need stay in their homes. Videographer: Rachel Kellerman, Northern Kentucky University.

Team Ethan: Artist, healer Penny Friedman volunteers time and talent for teen recovering from lightning strike. Videographer: Rachel Kellerman

Village Life Outreach:  A University of Cincinnati Honors Class guided by Elissa Yancey produced “Schooled” in Tanzania, the first video featuring Charitable Scholars.

We are proud of our team, and their body of work.  And we look forward to more “Good Stories” in moving pictures.

– Tom Callinan, Charitable Words








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