Homeless Veterans Find Peace In Mindfulness With ‘City Silence’

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Sharing this post by Stacy Sims on her City Silence blog.  Thanks to Stacy and her team, The veterans of Joseph House and Northern Kentucky University videography student Lindsey Rudd for this important and uplifting story.  

By Stacy Sims
City Silence

I have had the pleasure of working with the men at the Joseph House for Homeless Veterans since March of 2015. Tom Callinan, founder of Charitable Words, is a veteran, friend and philanthropist/activist. He not only connected me to the organization but he funded a this beautiful video of their mindfulness in recovery program, created by NKU student Lindsey Rudd.

I volunteer 3-4 times a month to do trauma-informed mindfulness work with the men. They are beautiful humans, every one of them. They have taught me a lot about service, recovery, masculinity, and courage. Their stories haunt me and their humor and perseverance enlivens and inspires me.

The other day, I was doing a bit of Reiki/hands on work to ground them, sitting in an alley in OTR because it was a sunny day and we wanted to be outside. My eyes were closed, my hands on workboots of one of the veterans whenI heard someone walking through our circle, trying to get somewhere on the small campus of in and out-patient buildings. Bo, one of the vets, yelled “You’re $%*ing up my chi!”

He made my day.

Harold, who is featured in this video, joined me every day at Washington Park this summer to help set up and support City Silence. I spent more time with him than anyone else over the 4 months of our weekday gatherings. I came to look forward to his company, his wisdom, his humor.

Harold has recently graduated from Life Learning Center and is seeking employment. If I had a job to give him, I would. If you have one, please email me at stacy@citysilence.org. Let’s keep him and other veterans connected to people and lives that matter.

If you like the work of the Joseph House, please give to them. If you like our work, you can give to us. Either way, you are making a difference, giving breath to fuel hope and resilience.


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