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6 years, 7 months ago Comments Off on Homeless Veterans Find Peace In Mindfulness With ‘City Silence’
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Sharing this post by Stacy Sims on her City Silence blog.  Thanks to Stacy and her team, The veterans of Joseph House and Northern Kentucky University videography student Lindsey Rudd for this important and uplifting story.   By Stacy Sims City Silence I have had the pleasure of working with the men at the Joseph […]

6 years, 8 months ago Comments Off on Charitable Words Video: Music Opens Minds, Memories of Alzheimer’s Patients
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For the past three summers Charitable Words Scholars have worked with Melodic Connections, a Cincinnati nonprofit that provides music therapy to special needs students. A video produced by Charitable Words videographer Rachel Kellerman will help two Greater Cincinnati nonprofits build awareness and support for a new program providing music therapy for Alzheimer’s patients. The 7-minute […]

6 years, 9 months ago Comments Off on Crowdfunding Campaign Aims To Bring Community Laundry To Lower Price Hill
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Over the summer, Charitable Words Scholars collaborated with Community Matters, a Cincinnati nonprofit serving the Lower Price Hill Community.  The they produced a video and crowfunding campaign to help Community Matters bring a community-based laundromat to the neighborhood to provide access to safe, affordable local laundry to serve 600 families – 90 percent of its […]

6 years, 11 months ago Comments Off on Educator Turns Reporter For Summer And Restores Her Faith In Storytelling
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Elissa Yancey, vice-chair of The Charitable Words board and volunteer advisor, was awarded a six-month long fellowship with Images and Voices of Hope, a Florida-based nonprofit that focuses on storytelling in the form of  “Restorative Narratives – a term IVOH coined to describe a genre of stories that show how people and communities are learning to rebuild […]

Scholars' Impact May Be Measured Now; What They've Learned Promises More
7 years ago Comments Off on Scholars’ Impact May Be Measured Now; What They’ve Learned Promises More
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Charitable Words has connected more than 30 nonprofits with 70 students and recent graduates and hundreds of hours of pro bono engagement by our network of volunteer advisors. Their impact has been evident. Yet to be measured: The lifelong impact of purposeful scholarship, internship and special assignment experiences on their personal growth, and how much they […]

Enquirer Story Reports On Wordplay's 'WordUP' Video Documentary
7 years ago Comments Off on Enquirer Story Reports On Wordplay’s ‘WordUP’ Video Documentary
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When Cincinnati Enquirer business reporter Sydney Murray called and said she wanted to do a story about Charitable Words, it seemed right to invite one of our nonprofit partners to join the interview.  Wordplay Cincy’s executive director Libby Hunter seemed to be a good fit to talk about the video documentary being produced by Charitable […]

7 years, 1 month ago Comments Off on Homeless Vets Finding Peace, Comfort, Community Through Mindfulness Project
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Charitable Words Scholar Lindsey Rudd and volunteer advisor Stacy Sims have collaborated on a documentary video about connecting homeless veterans in Cincinnati with “mindfulness and meditation” practices as therapies for addiction recovery, anxiety and pain. It sounds like an unlikely alliance – Stacy Sims, a novelist, playwright and Pilates educator and a roomful of streetwise […]

7 years, 2 months ago Comments Off on Interns Work As Teams To Offer Diverse Skills To Nonprofits With Jobs To Be Done
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Charitable Words Scholars from around the state and across the river will bring diverse interests, experiences and skill sets to our nonprofit partners in Greater Cincinnati this summer. Their jobs will be to help nonprofits, often with scarce resources for marketing and communications, better their impact and best tell their stories. The Charitable Words Scholars […]

Summer Intern Assignments Available: Purposeful Work, Fair Pay For Students
7 years, 3 months ago Comments Off on Summer Intern Assignments Available: Purposeful Work, Fair Pay For Students
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Community Matters is a new nonprofit stemming off Lower Price Hill Community School, with a mission “to create opportunities with our communities that promote a more thriving and just city.” Charitable Words Scholars will assist Community Matters raise awareness and funding for a “Washing Well” worker-operated cooperative laundry. Photo: Cincinnati Enquirer   ‘Audience’ database will be […]

Bravo To Videographers And Nonprofit Partners For 'Good Stories, Told Well'
7 years, 3 months ago Comments Off on Bravo To Videographers And Nonprofit Partners For ‘Good Stories, Told Well’
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As Charitable Words enters its third year, we are not about to change our name. In 2012, our mission was to connect nonprofits and student interns and volunteer advisors to craft “Good Stories, Told Well.” The aim was to help nonprofits — often understaffed and short on marketing and communications resources — get their messages […]