Charitable Words/Scholars nonprofit and education partners.

Here is an always-updating list of nonprofits and institutions Charitable Words has partnered with on internships, special assignments and scholarship programs:

Adopt A Book Ohio
Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati

Community Matters
Cincinnati Independent Business Alliance

Eileen Berke Occupational Therapy Center
Cincinnati Public Schools
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
Constella Festival of Music and Fine Arts
Cooperative for Education
Gorman Heritage Farm
East End Adult Education Center
Family Nurturing Center
Kicks For Kids
Literacy Network

Mannequin Boutique
Miami University Scripps Gerontology Center

Melodic Connections
Northern Kentucky University College of Informatics
Northern Kentucky University Scripps Center for Civic Engagement
Opening Minds Through Art
Palo Alto Veterans Research Institute and Stanford University School of Medicine
People Working Cooperatively – Ramp It Up For Veterans
Personal Guardianship Services Ohio
Rothenberg Preparatory Academy Rooftop Garden
Social Venture Partners Cincinnati
Village Life Outreach Project
Warrior Canine Connections
University of Cincinnati
Wordplay Cincinnati
Xavier University Williams School of Business: X-LINK Experiential Learning Center