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From comments to The American Society of Business Editors and Writers at George Washington University. After 35 years as a journalist, I have moved from the objective world into the subjective, activist world of nonprofits. I am starting my own, Charitable Words Scholars, which provides internships to college students interested in humanitarian work. I have […]

Defend nonprofits against Trump attacks
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Donald Trump, you’re fired. Unfollowed, at least, on my Twitter account. That is about as significant as one lock of hair on The Donald’s elegantly styled frock, I know. But let me explain why. Last month, when Trump fired tweets at two high-profile charity leaders, accusing them of collecting too much in salaries and not […]

Nonprofits Need a Fair Set of Rules
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The kids love reading time at Wordplay, an after-school literacy and creative writing venture in Cincinnati’s Northside neighborhood.  They love the fun environment, including the pillow-laden “reading tubs,” shown here. Start-up nonprofits such as Wordplay have little problem convincing donors of the importance of reading and writing programs for children.  Donors get that their contributions may pay […]