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By Brittany York Thursday evening will bring more than 300 individuals together for a celebration—not just a celebration in the literal sense with cocktails, food and auction items—but also, and more importantly, a celebration of the stories shared by those who are a testament to the efforts and work being done by the Literacy Network […]

9 years, 11 months ago Comments Off on Never Too Early, Never Too Late To Make A Difference In Reading Skills, Literacy

Faces of learning at all ages  A “Read Aloud 15 Minutes” father reading The reading tubs at Wordplay Cincy Charitable Words Scholar Sarah Jernigan with GED students Literacy Network’s Hope Award winner Herman Overby, who learned to read so that he could read the bible to his grandchildren   Last week I posted about Read Aloud 15 Minutes, […]

Our Scholars Are Changing Their World, The Word 'Acetylenic' Won't Stop Them
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Charitable Words Scholars Sarah Jernigan, Tia Garcia and advisory board member Elissa Yancey are amazing people who do a lot of important things to change the world. Charitable Words was proud and privileged that they represented our team at the Literacy Network’s 23rd annual Spelling Bee Thursday night at the Holy Grail restaurant on Cincinnati’s bank’s restaurant row. Quality people: […]

Charitable Words Scholar's Field Report:  'A Feeling Of Family' At Education Center
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University of Cincinnati communications junior Sarah Jernigan is an intern on assignment to Cincinnati’s East End Adult Education Center. Here is her report from the field, shown working with students James and Denise. Thanks for the important work you are doing, Sarah. And thanks to the center for hosting her as a Charitable Words Scholar. […]

Literacy Network: A Good Story, Told Well
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In previous posts, Charitable Words discussed the importance of having a strong story to convey the importance of your cause and the effectiveness of your efforts. In the words of nonprofit communications expert Lori Jacobwith: “No numbers without stories, no stories without numbers.” Donors and supporters look for measurable “outcomes” — the scale of the […]